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Medication Blister Pack Service

Help you keep on top of your medicines.
McGorisks Pharmacies offer a variety of solutions to help you take the right medicines at the right time
We offer a variety of blister pack solutions; Nu-life, Biodose and Medibliss.
The blister pack service could help if, for example, you are:

  • Struggling to organise medicines and find it difficult to remember when to take them
  • Helping to look after someone else and are worried that they may not be taking their medicines correctly, or if you simply need more support
  • Responsible for organising someone else's medicines as it will save you time
  • Recently home from hospital after a stay because of either taking too much, or not enough, of your medicines
  • Looking after someone who is visually impaired. Being able to feel the blister packs may help them check they haven't missed any tablets