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NU Life

Nu-Life Monitored Dosage System (MDS)

Nu-Life MDS saves Pharmacists time and labour costs whilst at the same time improving patient care. Designed by an Irish Pharmacist, Brian O’Donoghue, it is available in 14, 28 and 42 pod sizes. Nu-Life MDS is very practical and sturdy with large transparent compartments that make it fast and simple for the pharmacist to fill, and importantly, the Patient can easily see the medication to be taken at the prescribed times.

Ensures Compliance

The computer application allows the Pharmacist print out a “Medicines Management Page” for each Patient which is attached to the Nu-Life Pack. This page shows: the name of the medication: a colour picture and description of each medication: the time it is to be taken during the day: and medical indications.
As well as being user friendly for the patient when taking the medication, the “Medicines Management Page” also allows the Pharmacist make a comprehensive final Check of the medications against the patient’s prescription when filling the Nu-Life MDS, ensuring compliance.

Easy and Quick to Change Medications Mid-Cycle

Unlike other blister packs if the patient has to change their medication mid-cycle it is made very easy with Nu-Life. The Pharmacist simply pops the seal for the days the medicines have changed, takes out the unwanted medication, puts the new prescribed ones in, puts on a new seal and gives it to the patient.